Poison Rules

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Poison Rules

Post by Sage on November 14th 2016, 9:48 pm

Poisons are graded like equipment and jutsu. They're judged by their lethality, the amount of effects they have, and how long it takes for them to activate. These effects can be oriented with sickness (coughing fits, dizzy spells etc.), or paralytic, blood-clotting etc. Naturally the more higher-end effects will bump the poison up further in the bracket.

D: One non-lethal effect, activates in 5 turns.
C: Two non-lethal effects, activates in 3 turns.
B: Three non-lethal (2 turns) or one lethal (4 turns until activation)
A: Three non-lethal (1 turn), or one lethal (3 turns until activation)
S: Three non-lethal that're instantaneous, or two lethal that activate in 2 turns.

D and C poisons require Pharmacist and Herbalist.
B and A poisons require Pharmacist, Herbalist, and a creator with C- or higher letter grade.
S poisons require the formerly-addressed things, as well as a creator with B- or higher letter grade.

Antidotes simply require the same requirements as what they're solving.

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