Starters, & Getting Things Started

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Starters, & Getting Things Started

Post by Sage on November 24th 2016, 11:57 pm

Important links:
Speed Rules
Chakra/Stamina Rules
Smithing & Equipment

One Event-planning position, as well as three general positions for Administration are open. Apply within the Staff section, with whatever information you desire listing.

Currently all slots for Kage & Jounin positions within Kirigakure, Konohagakure & Sunagakure are open. Apply directly within this thread, with this template:

[b]IC Name[/b]: Self-explanatory
[b]OOC Key[/b]: Self-explanatory
[b]Reasoning[/b]: IC & OOC motives for being a starter.
[b]Clan[/b]: Self-explanatory
[b]Kekkei Genkai[/b]: Leave blank if you're going for a clan that already has an obvious kekkei genkai listed on this forum.
[b]Specialty(ies)[/b]: What they do.

This is a war wipe, and by those means people'll be stronger then when they normally would in a generic wipe, for the sake of enhancing the ideal that people are far more likely to train harder then they would outside of a war.

1 T3
2 T2
3 T1
2 B-Ranks
2 C-Ranks
3 D-Ranks

1 T4
2 T3
3 T2
4 T1
1 A-Rank
3 B-Ranks
3 C-Ranks
4 D-Ranks

2 T4
3 T3
4 T2
5 T1
2 A-Ranks
4 B-Ranks
5 C-Ranks
6 D-Ranks

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Momo's Mizukage app boi.

Post by Momodakid99 on November 26th 2016, 2:11 am

IC Name: Momo
OOC Key: Momodateen
Reasoning: ICly, Momo is trying to bring honor and grace to his Kaguya clan members as well as establish a great place for the Kirigakure village and name. He will be ruthless on the battlefield, not backing down from anyone and fighting to the death if he truly has to get involved. He will run through anyone and put his life on the line for his shinobi, no matter what happens. OOCly, I am looking to push RP, support my village and players, and furthermore push emotionally stressing moments and progression RP, not just bodying people and flexing my power. Momo will most likely maim a genin and force them to cope with it instead of just flat out killing them unless it is meant for them to be made an example of.
Clan: Kaguya
Kekkei Genkai:Clearly
Specialty(ies): Taijutsu


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