Equipment / Smithing Guide

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Equipment / Smithing Guide

Post by Sage on November 14th 2016, 7:36 pm

Much like jutsu, equipment is determined by grade. They range between D and S, with D being the weakest and S generally being the strongest. The things that determine how strong the piece of equipment are the material the equipment is made from, it's special properties (if it has any), and it's resilience. Material generally decides how resilient a piece of equipment is, but depending on how skilled a blacksmith is at their work, they can increase the equipment's durability past what it's material allows it. They also affect the overall price of what's being crafted, the same being the case for special properties.

T1 Smith: 10-25 Control. No increase in endurance or damage. no discount.
T2 Smith: 30-50 Control. +5 increase in either endurance or damage, not both. 10% mineral cost discount.
T3 Smith: 55-75 Control. +10 increase of both endurance and damage. 20% mineral cost discount.
T4 Smith: 80+ Control. +15 increase of either durability or sharpness, +10 increase for whichever one doesn't receive the boost. 30% mineral cost discount.
For half of the original price of a weapon, a T3+ blacksmith can reinforce the weapon, giving it a [Reinforced] trait. For example, a T4 Smith can reinforce equipment to have +25 increase in both areas of use.

Material Properties
Cloth: 5 Endurance.
Wood: 10 Endurance/Damage.
Iron: 25 Endurance/Damage.
Steel: 40 Endurance/Damage.
Diamond: 60 Endurance/Damage.

Area-Specific Materials (Locked until further notice)
Konoha-only - Ironwood: T2 minimum, T3 max.
Kiri-only - Conch: 50 Endurance/Damage.

Material Prices
Cloth: +250
Wood: +500 (Note: half off cost for Konoha)
Iron: +1,000
Steel: +2,500
Diamond: +5,000
Ironwood: +1,500
Conch: +1,500

Equipment sizes range between Small, Medium and Large. Small would be considered a pocket knife/padded clothing, medium would be considered a machete/light armor, and large would be considered a Nodachi or greatsword/heavy armor.

Default Prices
Shuriken: 10
Senbon: 5
Kunai: 15
Caltrop: 10
Explosive Tag (T1 Sealing mandatory): 150
Paper Bombs (T2 Sealing mandatory): 300
Fuuma Shuriken: 250
Wire (per foot): 25
Small weapon: 250
Medium-sized weapon: 500
Large weapon: 750

Special properties are essentially not-so-typical things that equipment has. This can range between Power Pole's capability to extend (this is just a reference, don't try it), to a general weapon in Naruto being capable of flowing chakra. This basically allows you to add something considered generally unorthodox to your equipment, to enhance it's particularity.

Special properties, specifically chakra flow and such, add an extra +1,000 to a weapon. They alter the weapon's endurance and damage to the user's Control. This does not add the tier for the perk to the weapon's initial sharpness or durability. Unlike attachments, the price does not increase with the size of the weapon.

Attachments can only be added to weaponry - To keep things simple, general attachments (scopes, spikes, flails, etc.) will add +500 onto price, and an additional +500 for each size higher then small is. Small weapons have one slot for an 'attachment', mediums have two, and large have three. Attachments possess the same endurance and damage as the weapon that they're being applied to.

Attachment Costs (in accordance to the weapon's size)
Small: +500 per attachment
Medium: +1,000 per attachment
Large: +1,500 per attachment

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