The Kaguya Clan

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The Kaguya Clan

Post by Sage on November 24th 2016, 11:18 pm

The Kaguya Clan
Kirigakure's Kaguya Clan are referred to as the "Shields of Kirigakure" for their extreme resilience, lying within their physical stature and their skeletal structure itself. Despite their bloodlusty past and their tendency to never turn down a fight, they fight elegantly, ensuring that they take down their opponents in a manner that makes them look respectable. The Kaguya Clan is a formidable group of people that consider themselves true warriors.

Physical Traits
  • Two red dots near the center of their foreheads.

Code of Conduct
  1. Don't pass up an opportunity to fight.
  2. Prove that the Kaguya Clan are worthy of being part of Kirigakure.
  3. Protect your comrades from the opposition, even if they're also your allies.
  4. Put your life on the line to ensure the success of your job.
  5. Only put down your enemy if you have to, but in a way that's "beautiful".

Clan Leader: -----
Shield Squadron: A group up to five, solely made for defending against attacks.

  • That their kids alone can handle having a tree dropped on them.
  • That their bloodlust is only quelled by fights that put their lives to the test.

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