The Hoshigaki Clan

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The Hoshigaki Clan

Post by Sage on November 24th 2016, 10:55 pm

The Hoshigaki Clan
The Hoshigaki Clan are capable Water Release specialists that have extensive history that makes them notorious for having a connection to sharks. Most of their beliefs and aspects of their culture revolve around not just sharks, but sea life as well. They also have an innate connection to Kirigakure, due to a peace treaty with the Hozuki back within the Warring States Period.

Physical Traits
  • Gill-like markings upon their cheeks.
  • Excessively sharp teeth.

Code of Conduct
  1. Never harm, eat, or kill shark(s).
  2. Challenge those that insult you (or your clan) to swimming, if you're confident.

Clan Leader: -----

  • That one with skin and eyes of a shark is born every decade.
  • That they're masters of Water Release.
  • Apparently their offspring can survive a shark encounter at the age of eight (don'ttrytoprovethis).

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