The Akimichi Clan

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The Akimichi Clan

Post by Sage on November 24th 2016, 10:11 pm

The Akimichi Clan
The Akimichi are an incredibly feared clan, primarily for their rumors. They originate from Hi no Kuni, and have been with Konohagakure mostly since it's founding. Since then they've been loyal to the village, initially being there to just serve as allies in exchange for food, but being one of the few clans to grow onto the village. They were said to be one of the primary influences of the village's foundation being built, especially with lifting and what not.

They're said to be not just powerhouses, but cunning individuals in the heat of battle that are capable of exploiting their enemies' defences. They're thought to be true masterminds in the heat of battle.

Physical Traits
  • Squiggle-esque cheek markings.

Code of Conduct
  1. Embrace food. Every minute, every hour, every day, and so on.
  2. Don't let others take your food unless you're okay with it.
  3. Do not assault fellow villagers for taking your food or insulting you.

Clan Leader: -----

Chakra Pills
Not accessible.

  • Said to be deities of culinary.
  • Thought to be unbeatable tanks on the battlefield.
  • Believed to be immune to poison because of their "iron stomaches".

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