The Inuzuka Clan

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The Inuzuka Clan

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The Inuzuka Clan
The Inuzuka clan are renowned dog-tamers, said to be one with their canines. They originated from Kusagakure as one of the most feral and violent of the clans residing there, only to eventually be driven out to become bandits. One way or another they banded together through the means of an Alpha, a member that rose above everyone else to lead them.

Together, the Inuzuka clan travelled and settled into Konohagakure to serve as trackers for them and their dogs' extensive scent-tracking ability. Since then, they've become more tame, and learned to fit in with others, even starting a friendly rivalry with the Hyuuga Clan to take the title of Konoha's masters of hand-to-hand combat.

Physical Traits
  • Unorthodox facial markings.
  • Clan tattoo pressed upon each and every member's left upper arm.

Code of Conduct
  1. Never abandon the canine assigned to you from both..
  2. Honor your markings, and the clan's heritage.
  3. Listen to the clan leader and Alpha's orders.
  4. Respect the Beta, they're your soon to be next Alpha.
  5. Do your best when there's a competition that involves the Hyuuga Clan.
  6. Prove you're part of Konoha's best trackers (and "best clan") at all times.

Clan Leader: -----
Alpha: Clan leader's right-hand man/woman.
Scouting Squad: A group of three with dogs known specifically for their scent. They're considered the best of the best in tracking.
Beta: Next Alpha. They essentially follow forementioned Alpha around to learn.

  • Apparent dog shamans.
  • That they're rivals with the Hyuuga Clan.

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