The Uzumaki Clan

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The Uzumaki Clan

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The Uzumaki Clan
The Uzumaki are a rowdy, friendly bunch renowned for their skills in sealing arts. It's not hard to identify them either, since their hair is typically defined by it's distinct, bright red color. They're known to originate from the Land of Whirlpools, though with their eventual loss of many of their major resources during the Warring States Period, they signed a contract with Konohagakure upon it's founding.

Thus, in a exchange for a place for their clan to call home, they insisted on teaching shinobi the arts of sealing, since at the time it was something that not many even were aware of. They're strict followers of religion, with their general lifestyle following what they believe in. For the sake of showing their respect for their religious heritage they avoid cutting or dying their hair, since it's within their belief that their hair represents their fortitude for life, and by cutting it off, it's similar to cutting off part of your soul.

Similarly, those that dye their hair, or were born with hair that isn't vibrant red, are typically shunned by fellow clan members.

Physical Traits
  • Colorful, red hair.
  • A lively aura about them.

Code of Conduct
  1. Defend Konohagakure with your life, in the name of the Uzumaki Clan.
  2. Avoid getting involved with politics, or stating your opinion on them.
  3. Never reveal the clan's secrets, and honor our heritage

Clan Leader: -----
Co-Clan Leader: Played by an NPC.

Chakra Chains
Not being done at the moment.

  • That they can tame the Shinigami themselves.
  • All of them are masters of selaing arts.

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