The Senju Clan

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The Senju Clan

Post by Sage on November 24th 2016, 4:13 am

The Senju Clan
The Senju Clan are a rather respected bunch, known to never crack under pressure. They seem to always maintain that humble and naturally nice stature, as well as inviting aura about them. Little to nothing is known about them, just that they originate from Hi no Kuni and since their first generation they've had nothing but natural-born shinobi with immense chakra reserves, and stamina reserves alike.

The Senju Clan bring the term "Jack of all Trades" to a whole new level, hence their alias, "The Clan with a Thousand Skills".

Physical Traits

Code of Conduct
  1. Remain humble at all times, even you wish not to.
  2. Be polite with your opinions and statements.
  3. Honor your clan and your comrades.
  4. Fight for your clan and comrades, when their lives or the village are on line.

Clan Leader: -----
Co-Clan Leader: Played by an NPC.

Wood Release
Not being done at the moment.

  • That a single tap is deadly from them.
  • That they're all blind sensors.
  • Considered masters of taijutsu, along with the Inuzuka.

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