The Hyuuga Clan

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The Hyuuga Clan

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The Hyuuga Clan
The Hyuuga Clan are renowned for their incredible eyes, with a multitude of rumors stuck behind them. The Hyuuga have an inflated ego by nature, primarily due to the specialty of their eyes, and their fighting style, originated to only themsleves. There isn't much known about the Byakugan or Gentle Fist itself. If anything, the Hyuuga Clan are the most secretive amongst clans within the village. They have a respect for the Uchiha Clan, due to their dedication and their Sharingan.

The Hyuuga are known to originate from Hi no Kuni, but it's unknown when their fighting style was devised, and when the clan itself was founded, and by who. It's theorized that their eyes are a blessing from God himself in regards to the religious. For others, they believe it was a genetic flaw that actually ended up being a benefit.

Physical Traits
  • Pearly, white irises.
  • Generally dark black/blueish, maybe brown hair.
  • Black, white, or otherwise dull clothing.

Code of Conduct
  1. Don't flaunt your talents as a Hyuuga clan member.
  2. Don't allow pride to overshadow combat potential, or importance.
  3. Only wear the simplest of clothing, there is no need to flaunt yourself.
  4. Humbly ensure "outsiders" that they're inferior.
  5. Never cut your hair, wear it within a ponytail or braid.
  6. Never stray from the Gentle Fist style.
  7. The latter is omitted, if you're learning for the sake to improve your "Gentle Fist" (not to imply that it's not already perfect).
  8. Those that do not abide these rules are to be branded as Branch members.

Clan Leader: -----
Co-Clan Leader: Played by an NPC.
Sensory Squad: 0/5 player spots filled. These are Hyuuga that dedicate their prowess to increasing the range of their Byakugan's sight, leading to them being masters of scouting.

Branch Members
Branch members within this plot are people that've broken the code of conduct. They're branded with the juinjutsu seal by the Co-Clan Leader, to restrict them from further disobedience. It's also a sign of failure, even known by those outside of the clan. Branch members are limited to learning only how to utilize the Gentle Fist itself, and are entirely barred off from Eight Trigrams techniques. Normal clan members, referred to as "Main" as the Branch members, are branded if they're caught teaching Branch members.

  • That a single tap is deadly from them.
  • That they're all blind sensors.
  • Considered masters of taijutsu, along with the Inuzuka.

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