The Uchiha Clan

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The Uchiha Clan

Post by Sage on November 24th 2016, 3:16 am

The Uchiha Clan
The Uchiha consider themselves the 'Swords of Konohagakure'. They're by far one of the most loyal of all the clans residing within the village, most of them willing to die for the village and their friends alike. They're also the most xenophobic of Konoha, and most of their strict values are very close to that of the Hyuuga Clan, making them a close ally of the all-seeing clan.

The Uchiha are believed to be founded by people known for "red eyes that glow in the darkness", down near the Land of Tea. For generations they've been excessively skilled at the arts of Fire Release, and Shurikenjutsu used in conjunction mostly with wire strings. It's believed that their highly-prized eyes are a blessing from Amaterasu herself, The Sun Goddess. No one knows how they're awakened, but said blessing is believed to be granting once an Uchiha has failed to protect their comrade(s) or loved one(s).

Physical Traits
  • Generally black hair.
  • Abyss-like, dark eyes.
  • High-collared robes and shirts alike.

Code of Conduct
  1. Don't betray your comrades.
  2. Eliminate your enemies if they're not your comrades.
  3. Put your life on the line for your comrades.

Clan Leader: -----
Co-Clan Leader: Played by an NPC.
Fire Platoon: 0/3 player spots filled. Essentially three Jounin-ranking individuals known to be the most skilled at Fire Release.

  • That nothing can get past their eyes, which're considered a "treat" to foreign villages. One that's never been tainted or touched.
  • That they can burn through anything with their flames on par with a God themselves.

None, at the moment.

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