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Konohagakure no Sato

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Konohagakure no Sato
Konohagakure no Sato, or The Village Hidden in Leaves is controlled by -----. Under the strict and controlling demands of the young and empowered Council of the village, they've limited power. Their job is to essentially sign most of what the Council desires, and nothing else.

This village currently possesses 50,000 in funds, and a 1,500 yen/ryo salary bi-daily.

  1. Listen to your superiors.
  2. Do not sexually or physically assault inhabitants of Konoha. That regards both shinobi and civilians alike, even the employed.
  3. Refrain from taking it upon yourself to enact justice. There is a ranking hierarchy for a reason.
  4. Keep your lips sealed shut around foreigners.
  5. Fight only within grounds where it's permitted.
  6. Do not steal, maim, or kill, unless the Council deems it a reasonable offense for someone.
  7. Listen to the council at all times.

Current Positions
Shodaime Hokage: ---
Council: NPC (most respected), 0/2 player spots. Both at Jounin-tier in regards to power, politically & physically.
Jounin: 0/3 player spots. Their purpose is solely to be the head of platoons.

Rumors for clans are only believed by civilians, outsiders of the village and to a degree, shinobi outside of the corresponding clan. People are seclusive about their heritage within this time period, and if anything Konohagakure appears to be more divided then the world itself at a time like this.

Uchiha Clan: Reverred and well-known for their Sharingan. Considered an untouchable "treat" by other villages. They're also considered the true masters of Fire Release, Shurikenjutsu, and wire-oriented technique, making them widely feared for such a dangerous combination.
Senju Clan: Known for their excessive vitality, and the urban legend that they can manipulate nature itself. Though it seems to be no more then a rumor since there's been no one to pull it off.
Uzumaki Clan: Regarded for their powerful use within the Sealing Arts and their fiery personalities, often times dedicated and loyal to the village. People claim that Uzumaki can summon a God of Death, a Shinigami, itself.
Hyuuga Clan: The Hyuuga Clan are the most feared on the battlefield, mainly because they're thought to "see people's deaths before they even arrive", with their "blind, yet all-seeing eyes". People also believe they are capable of killing you with a single tap anywhere on the body.
Akimichi Clan: Referred to as "Deities of Culinary", for their immense consumption patterns, and their capability to control their calories. Foreigners seem to believe they're immune to poison, making them be perceived as impervious and fearless tanks on the battlefield.
Aburame Clan: Known for none other then their ability to befriend insects. People proclaim that their insects rip through things like a sea of relentless piranha, and that with a single touch they can infect you with a never-before seen "plague of death".
Nara Clan: The smarts of Konoha, or so people call it. A lie made by the council that eventually became urban legend is that the Nara Clan Leader today lead Konoha in a battle one-hundred to five-thousand at the age of five, and won it. Not a lot is known about them, infact their ability to control shadows is a secret to all but Konoha.
Yamanaka Clan: Feared for their ability to possess other people's conscious. They've the rumor that they're capable of completely erasing someone's memories once getting inside of their body, and being capable of getting within someone's body just by looking them in the eye.
Inuzuka Clan: The Inuzuka are thought of as shamans of animal instruction. They consider the Hyuuga Clan both allies and rivals, since the two of them are considered masters of hand-to-hand combat. The Inuzuka are also known for their dog-like traits. They don't really have any rumors residing behind their names, but are known for their incredible nose.

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