The First Wipe

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The First Wipe

Post by Sage on November 14th 2016, 10:46 pm

The overall wipe will be divided into different sections, similar to arcs for Naruto, or sagas for Dragon Ball Z. The time that deviates between these sections will vary with what occurs in them. So far, two sections are already planned.

The First Section
  • War-oriented: This current "wipe" will revolve around the war that's going on between the three primary villages.
  • Auto-Chuunin: Everyone will be considered Chuunin-level in regards to strength, and perhaps in legitimate rank as well.
  • Fast progression: Perks and jutsu are meant to be attained at a quickened rate then what would be regarded the norm.
  • 1 OOC day = An IC week
  • Sunagakure versus Kirigakure versus Konohagakure - Every man for himself
  • Outcome: This directly affects how the next wipe will be. Naturally, players and how they handle things such as events and IC choices will be the influence of this.

The Second Section

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